“I'll Mail Your Offer To 200,000 Prospects...

Every Month, Month After Month...

Driving A Steady, Consistent Flow of Sales & Customers -
To Help You Grow Your Business Now.”

I'll even show you where to get instant, turn-key, money-making websites offering products perfect for this method of marketing... FREE!

Hi, Mike G here,

I have been blessed with tremendous success with my all new opt-in mail house division.

Orders have been flying in at a feverous pace, you can read about it here: www.mikegsmegamaildeal.com

But let's face it, not everyone can afford it. Even though it's a steal to mail one million people at $250, or five million people at $400, or ten million people at $500... even though these costs pale by comparison to what every one of my competitors charges, just far too many people can not afford to tap in to the enormously successful opt-in emailing industry.

And just so you know what I'm talking about here: There are dozens upon dozens of companies offering their customers the opportunity to send a solo ad to their database of opt-in email addresses.

It's not a new industry. It's been around for a decade or more. And, in fact, up until I purchased my own opt-in mailing house, I used to mail a minimum of five to ten million solo ads every week exclusively through various opt-in mail houses. It has been, and remains to be the number one way that I have grown my business on the internet to astronomical proportions.
In fact, it's the number one way that my name, Mike G, has become branded and known worldwide.

You also need to realize that it's expensive, at least when you deal with one of my competitors! You see, the very best deal I have ever gotten was $175 per million (that's 17.5 cents per thousand) and I had to purchase a minimum of a twenty million mail drop to get that price.

I've changed all of that.

You should also know that, flat-out, email marketing is the number one most successful way of acquiring prospects, subscribers, and customers for any kind of product, service, or opportunity you wish to market on the internet.

My opt-in mail division has become a game changer!

I've changed the way the industry looks at marketing their services, and I've changed the way that you can easily, incredibly, simply, tap in to my enormous database of over 200 million opt-in email records.

It's 100% legal, 100% Spam Act of 2003 compliant. In our database we have the name, email address, the date and time stamp that record opted in, and the site they opted in from. We have simplified, and more importantly, automated every single step of the process and I have done this so that you can take advantage of this incredible marketing method (the number one method of marketing on the internet)... email marketing, to grow your business substantially.

You can sell anything - any product, any service, any opportunity, any widget, any gadget, you name it.. effectively, through the use of email marketing.

I realize however, that a lot of people simply cannot afford to plunk down our minimum cost of $250 to reach one million people. So, I have put together a very special program that you can tap into on a monthly basis on complete auto-pilot.

I will mail your solo ad to 200,000 people every single month. In the world of opt-in email marketing, that really is a small figure. But, the cost to become involved is even smaller - smaller than you can imagine. No one on the internet can come close to matching my price, I promise you that - you won't find it because they don't exist.

Here's how it works

  1. When you order you'll receive an email confirmation of your order, and in that email will be an address to which you will send your ad copy. Your ad copy can be in text or html or a combination of text and html, it doesn't matter to us.

  2. It can be one half page (if you were to print it out), or up to two to three pages, makes no difference to us.

  3. My staff will examine your ad copy, make any suggestions or improvements for you, and even run your ad copy through our spam checker software before we mail it for you. (There is a one-time set up fee, again extremely nominal, for this added service.)

  4. Then, we'll send you the publication date - that's the date we will send your ad for you and it will get sent on that date.

  5. Then, each following month we will send your ad, the same ad, on the same day of each month. Pretty simple, huh?

We do all the work!

We set it up. We confirm it with you. We notify you of the scheduled mail date. And then we run it for you on auto-pilot month in and month out.

You can order this service from us for as many different sites as you like, we'll set them all up for you, and you can even change your ad from one month to the next, however we will charge the same nominal setup fee to review, edit your copy, etc. should you offer an entirely different ad copy or for an entirely different product, program, or service you are marketing.

You really need to tap into this marketing machine I have built for you. All orders are processed on a first in, first out basis. I suggest you allow at least ten days to two weeks before your first delivery date is scheduled.

Following the deployment/sending of your campaign monthly you will receive your "click & open" report which will show you:

1) How many we mailed to on your behalf
2) The number of people who opened your email
3) The number of clicks you received.

We of course cannot track sales, leads, conversions, etc. You'll need to do that on your end.

And relax, we will never use your direct URL when we send out your ad for you. We will place our own tracking/redirect link on top of it. This is how we are able to provide you with your "click & open" report, and equally as important, help protect your URL from being blacklisted anywhere. You just won't need to worry about that. It's a technology thing and we've got that covered for you.

Listen... I don't need to hype this. I guarantee you my staff will be extremely busy working with new clients who take us up on this remarkable very low cost, blast it to the world, advertising offer.

I invite you to be one of our many satisfied clients at a cost you just cannot get anywhere else on the net.

And one more thing: If you don't have an ideal product or service to sell via email marketing, there's a great company that specializes in this field. Not only do they have excellent products to sell online, but they also have professionally done email sales copy that works perfectly with our mailing system. And, they pay extremely generous commissions. Getting an account is easy and it's free. And then you just select from any of the many offers they have available. Go here and you can have your own money making, turn-key websites, as many as you want, set up literally in just minutes, free!

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